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All pups sold - now taking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST

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NEW!11 Jan 14 Last pup SOLD! 

We are delighted that all of our pups have managed to find excellent homes among Border Collie enthusiasts around Townsville :)

The last male Black & White went to a lovely family today and this leaves us with our slightly more manageable family of Dam (Jess), Sire (Darcy) and pup (Mac)...

We would like to thank all those that expressed an interest but for whatever reason did not end up going home with a pup.

To that effect, we are now open to taking expressions of interest for the next litter.

A bit early to be taking expressions of interest? Well, not really - anyone who knows a thing or two about Purebred Border Collies knows that orders with preferred breeders or Dam/Sire pairs can and are routinely placed well before the birth of the pups, and in some cases before conception.

Besides, raising a litter of 7 super-energetic Border Collie pups and a newborn human baby with full time work and University is a very big undertaking, and we would prefer not to do it again unless the majority of pups were pre-ordered or at least had a few expressions of interest.

SO...please browse through our photos and let us know what you are thinking - sex, colour...it's all a guessing game until they arrive, but then so is having a human baby really so if you share our love of the breed you might want to consider compromising.

Deposits will only be taken when the Dam is confirmed to be pregnant, so at this stage we are simply building a list of people we know to contact in the event that this occurs.

Feel free to Contact Us at any time for more information.

Family Photos

Family Photo Nose Kiss Red and White Mum Dad Mac

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